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International Forró Aachen Festival 2016

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Queridos Forrozeiros & Forrozeiras from all over the WORLD! The anticipated online booking for the 7th Forró Aachen festival is NOW OPEN! Register online: „The success story continues“ - from 10th until 13th of November 2016. Once again, the cosy city of Aachen turns into the wild and wonderful centre of the forró pé de serra scene in Europe. Let’s enjoy three shimmering days of workshops with brilliant dancing-teachers, fascinating shows, ecstatic brasilian parties and breath taking live music and a lot of surprises. The Forró Aachen Forró Festival has become one of the largest and best quality Forró events in Europe. We will do all that is necessary for a “Forró deluxe experience” for YOU again! We are looking forward to an unforgettable time with you. Your Forró Aachen festival team 2016. ***Jubiläum 11 Years Forró Aachen*** The VII. edition festival 2016 will celebrate 11th anniversary Forró Aachen. Come and dance with us! It will be AWESOME!!! Register online: Join us! Event Page: Festival Page: Forró Aachen Festival E-Mail: Deixa que o amor caia sobre nós!!! The programme indicated may be subject to change


Tanzhaus Aachen
Goffartstraße 26 ,
10/11/2016 as 06:11 Horas
47.00 EUR


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