Brazilian Drums Workshop: Elcio Cáfaro

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BRAZILIAN EXPLORATIVE MUSIC (Summer Workshops) The veteran drummer will demonstrate few techniques and grooves inspired in the recordings and concerts he did with big names of Brazilian music: Chico Buarque, Roberta Sá, João Bosco, Luiz Melodia, Edu Lobo, Ed Motta, Lulu Santos, Ivan Lins, Cassia Eller (recorded the first 2 albums and played with her between 1990 and 1996)... Topics: - Tips on adapting Brazilian rythms originally developed on percussion instruments into the drum kit; - Snare drum techniques: carnaval samba, frevo, maracatu and forró; - Mastering bossa nova brushes technique; - The differences between the jazz approach into Brazilian music and the original style played in Brazil developed in the urban environment; Open to beginners, professional musicians, teachers, and students. Cafaro is one of the biggest references in drums on that style and has been a teacher for many Brazilian nowadays biggest drum stars.


Global Music Academy Berlin
Bergmannstraße 29 ,
27/08/2016 as 19:08 Horas
35.00 EUR